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Leasing a Ford is Ideal in Nassau County

Searching for a Ford vehicle in the Nassau County area? If so, shopping at our dealership is something that you will want to do. We work hard to stock a range of new Ford models as well as offer the finance plans you need to make your purchase possible. It is for that reason, that many drivers opt to shop at our store. But, why should you lease a new Ford?


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How Many Miles Can A Ford Explorer Last?

Find Out Today!

Here at our Great Neck Ford dealership, we get a lot of questions daily, many concerning the Ford Explorer. Drivers know the Ford brand to be dependable and long-lasting, but how long can a Ford Explorer really last? There is a variety of answers to this question, along with plenty of differing circumstances, but when everything aligns, you'll enjoy your Explorer for a long time. With normal driving habits and typical weather conditions, you will be amazed at what you'll accomplish with this SUV.

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