Ford has one of the most famous names in auto manufacturing. The company deserves its stellar reputation thanks to decades of manufacturing quality cars and trucks establishing the Ford name globally. At our local Ford dealership in Great Neck, we want to help you pick the best Ford models. The Ford F-150 ranks as one of the company's top pickup trucks. Unique features such as "auto start-stop" are among the reasons why.

The Auto Start-Stop Feature

At Biener Ford, many would-be buyers ask about the modern features on the Ford F-150. Our sales team points out several safety, performance, and technology features. Among the more interesting ones is the built-in auto start-stop action. The feature changes the way a traditional engine runs and does so in a good way.

How Auto Start-Stop Works

The automatic start-stop feature comes into play the minute the Ford F-150 comes to a complete stop. You press on the brakes and stop the vehicle, and the function goes into action. The engine shuts entirely off, but other functions remain running. The lights, for example, won't go off when the engine rests.

The engine immediately starts up again when the driver takes a foot off the brakes. Whether starting or stopping, the feature operates smoothly. Nassau County drivers might not even notice it.

Controlling the Auto Start-Stop Feature

One of the questions we often get is whether the auto start-stop system runs all the time. Drivers have the option to turn the feature off. On the console, there is an on/off button that engages with a single touch. After hitting the button, look at the instrument panel to see if the start-stop feature is on or off. If you do not engage the on/off button, the start/stop feature engages automatically once you turn on the engine.

Please be aware that auto start-stop shuts down if certain external factors exist, such as when the temperature is too hot outside. Review the owner's manual for instances where the function automatically goes dormant.

Why is start/stop so helpful? Ultimately, it reduces fuel consumption and emissions. That saves money and the environment.

Test the Ford F-150

See how the auto start-stop features works on thenew Ford F-150 near Queens. Come to our location near Long Island for a test drive.

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