Great Used Vehicles Marked Under 15k in Great Neck

Looking for a high quality and long-lasting vehicle? You won't have to break the bank to get it. Come see us at Biener Ford to get your hands on one of our hot used cars marked as low as $15,000 and under. Not sure about which car to get? Don't worry. We've got sedans, wagons, minivans, and trucks that'll suit your needs for value and style.

Why Purchase a Used Car Under $15,000 at Biener Ford

So, why should you consider purchasing a used vehicle from us at Biener Ford? For starters, buying used will save you cash in more ways than one. Not only will you save on the initial cost of buying a used sedan, wagon, truck, or minivan, but you'll also save in categories like insurance, taxes, and registration. All in all, buying used is a smart move!

Pricing aside, however, there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to used vehicle purchases. Sure it's cheap, but there are benefits you may not be aware of that add to today's used car value.

What might those benefits be? They include:


Think you'll have to settle for less in terms of quality and performance by buying a bargain vehicle? Not likely. Today's modern vehicles are built with higher quality standards in mind as automakers duel against one another for the top spot. As a result, Nassau County buyers end up with the advantage of purchasing a great car for less.


These days, it can be difficult to differentiate a brand new model from a model only a couple of years old. Many cars priced at $15,000 and below in Long Island can pass as new models, especially those that have been well cared for.


Think your bargain vehicle is going to kick the bucket in a couple of years? We doubt it. Just as automakers have increased the quality and performance standards of motor vehicles today, they have also improved longevity. As such, you can expect newer used models to last you 150,000 miles potentially and then some.


Sure, buying new is fun and all, but nothing beats the selection of buying used. Research all of the best models and their highest performing years to snag the perfect match for your lifestyle and budget.


At Biener Ford, safety is our number one priority. That is why we are pleased to offer bargain-priced vehicles that come equipped with some of the most innovative and up-to-date safety features we've seen in our time. Depending on the age of your ride and the availability of these features, you may be able to take advantage of options like forward collision warning systems, rear cross-traffic cameras, park assist, lane change assist, blind-spot monitoring systems, and more.


Impressed by the sundry features that outfit the newest vehicle models today? You may be able to score a few of these features for yourself. Ask one of our sales associates to explain your options relating to fun and entertaining add-ons like satellite radio, digital dashboards, navigation systems, over-the-road internet, and key-less start up to name a few.

Tips For Buying Used

Now that you know the benefits of buying used, be sure to use these practical tips, and common sense, before picking out your next ride.

Always opt to check the vehicle history report of any vehicle you're considering. These reports include past ownership, collision history, actual mileage and more.

Be sure to thoroughly check the vehicle over and take the car out for a test drive before making your purchase.

Lastly, never be afraid to ask questions. It's what we're here for!

Learn More and Test Drive a Used Vehicle

All in all, we at Biener Ford have the name and reputation you can trust. Check out our line up and stop in to take one of our cars, trucks, wagons, or minivans out for a spin today!